Gallup: Amount of Americans identifying themselves as Democrat ties 22 year low. Why?

Gallup’s yearly measure of the way Americans identify themselves politically was released today. In 2010, the amount of Americans identifying themselves as Democrat tied the 22 year low of 31% set in 2003 and 1991. That is down 5% from the 36% recorded in 2008, at that time, a tie for a 22 year high.

While this may seem good for Republicans, the amount identifying themselves as Republican is still lower, 29%, only rising 1% in the past two years.

The amount identifying themselves as “independent” surged 3% in the past two years; going from 35% in 2008, to 38% today. This matches the 1994 result.

What does this mean for the future landscape of American politics? Are people starting to think both parties don’t work?
I say 22 year low because this poll has been taken for 22 years.
@Iris. I said that. Read up there ^^
@Iris. That was 7 years ago. Can you show me something from today’s time? Also that is a blog post, not a reliable news source and is 8 months old.

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